Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rosie's Cove

Riverbend, New Orleans, LA, USA

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Avoid Service Fees By Booking Directly Through Rosie's Cove!

Rosie's Cove requires full payment at time of reservation and offers 50% refund up until one week prior to arrival.

Reservation Confirmation Receipt emailed within 24 hours of receipt of payment. 

Currently, Rosie's Cove accepts Cash, Paypal, Moneypak or Western Union only. Guest shall be responsible for wire transfer fees.

Sorry, no personal checks or credit cards ~ however, guests can pay for both Paypal & Western Union with a credit card.

Rescheduling, Cancellation & Refund

Rosie's Cove strives to accommodate guest rescheduling needs when necessary. Rescheduling available & deposit refundable upon guest cancellation only, if room is rebooked and at discretion of Proprietress. Rosie's Cove shall offer alternate accommodation dates or reimburse full deposit should rescheduling needs occur on behalf of Rosie's Cove.


Please, send instant transfers to

Unless you are transferring funds from your PayPal balance, you either will need to type in your credit/debit card # or choose credit/debit option--bank account option and bank account default not accepted (See Below*)

Choose either
'My payment is for: Friends and Family'
option, which provides the transfer free of fees.

Or choose
'My payment is for: Buying Something' option
and add 3% of your deposit total to your money transfer to cover Paypal fees.

Paypal payments may be via credit card, debit card or Paypal credit.

*NOTE: If your bank account is linked to your PayPal account you also, will need to add your debit or credit card information and CHOOSE DEBIT/CREDIT or an e-check automatically will generate from your PayPal account.

Sorry, no e-checks or bank transfers which take a week to process and verify by the same process as a paper check. Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel a PayPal e-check once in process therefore, you will need to resend an instant transfer and wait a week for the check to clear, at which time I gladly, will send an instant transfer back to your PayPal account or you may use the e-check funds toward your 50% balance due upon arrival.


The MoneyPak card is a green, laminated paper 'gift' card which must be paid for at the store register with CASH & can be loaded for any amount of money up to $1000. Most locations sell MoneyPaks that are loadable for up to $400 though, exact amount (Duane Reed = $100 & Radio Shack = $1000, for example), varies according to store. The MoneyPak card costs $4.95 (Guest Is Responsible For Fee) regardless of monetary increment loaded, and is a simple, convenient, inexpensive way for you to transfer money to me which ultimately, I will receive on my refillable Visa card once, I input the pin number.

PLEASE NOTE: The MoneyPak is *not* a Reloadable Visa or Mastercard nor a Visa or Mastercard Giftcard. Rather, it is a differentiated business card that can be found in the 'Gift & Phone Card' section of CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc. that serves as a secondary way to load increments of money onto a reloadable Visa or Mastercard.

On the back of the MoneyPak, there is a scratch-off number which becomes activated upon purchase. Once, you have purchased the MoneyPak please, call Rosie's Cove with the scratch-off number and we will then, load that number to a credit card at which time, the credit immediately appears on the account. Your receipt will be generated via email while on the phone for verification.

You can find the MoneyPak location nearest you by visiting the MoneyPak website and entering your zipcode into the 'MoneyPak Store Locator' box in the upper right hand corner of the page.

~Please, be certain to keep your receipt and the card, itself. Very, important!~


Western Union wire transfer should be sent via

Sorry, no overnight or lengthier options unless pre-approved by Proprietress. Also, no Western Union money orders.


Why does Rosie's Cove accept only, cash, PayPal, MoneyPak or Western Union wire transfer?

Rosie's Cove appreciates & embraces living simply that others may simply live. Checks may take up to a week for arrival & processing and can be expensive to both parties in the event of an error. Credit card transactions require added paperwork and fees. Other money transfer companies require 3rd party billing, client accounts, and debit or credit card accessibility.

Rosie's Cove prefers to trust in the ease of Paypal, simplicity of MoneyPak, as well as the safe & reliable hands of Western Union, a money wiring service holding over 150 years of service & more than 400,000 locations in 200+ countries worldwide--available to those with or without computers and credit cards.

Rosie's Cove also, enjoys the individualized, face-to-face, and simple customer service available with MoneyPak and Western Union. Rosie's Cove wholly, embraces the inclusiveness of moneygram options via in-store, online, or telephone that Western Union provides its clients which allows for people from vastly, diverse languages, cultures, backgrounds, financial statuses, technological savviness and health capacities to quickly & easily access money wiring transfers.

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